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Various Types Of Tea Containers Used In Europe And America
Courtsey: ALL ABOUT TEA by William H. Ukers

1. Vacuum jar, 2. Tumbler, cardboard cover, 3. Cellophane bag, 4. All glass, cellulose wrapped, 5. Tumbler, metal cap, 6. Vacuum jar, screw top, cellulose wrapped, 7. Lithographed tin, friction cover, 8. Fancy tin, hinged cover, 9. Tin, friction cover, printed label, 10. Lithographed tin, slip cover, 11. Lithographed tin, threaded cover, 12. Fibre sides, tin top and bottom, friction cover, 13. Lithographed tin, slip cover, 14. Canister with self-measuring device, 15. Tin with tight wrapped printed label, 16. Lithographed tin, 17. Stock tin, hinged lid, 18. Folding carton, 19. Paper cornucopia, 20. Cardboard box, 21. Carton, 22. Carton, transparent window, 23. Carton, cellulose wrapped, 24. Fancy paper bag, 25. Paper bag, cellulose window, 26. Lead foil, 27. Printed paper wrapper, 28. Aluminum foil, 29. Fancy paper bag, cellulose wrapped. 


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